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Jasmine Graphic Designer
Hello there!
First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit and explore my site.
My name is Jasmine, I created this personal graphic design business Six Two Seven designs. 
and named it after my birthday. 
627 Designs is a birthday number, a celebration of life,
and a consistent number I would see while forming and trying to start this business.
I love brainstorming and delivering a finished product that represents what you want to portray, establish,  and/or inform. 
 I am currently located in Greensboro, NC,
many of my services can be offered through email, text, or US postal mail.

      The services I provide:

  • Business branding 

  • Customizations

  • Social media content 

  • Invitations 

  • T-shirts 

  • And many many more.

Check out my Services page to see a more detailed list.

If you do not see what you're looking for go to my contact page and send me an email. Where there is a will there is a way!

NCAT B.S Degree
I graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Graphic Communication System focusing on Integrated Internet from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University,
(Smith Hall) with magna cum laude honors. Aggie Bred!
I am proud and grateful to be able to put my degree, mind, and creativity to good use by 
helping businesses start and complete their branding.
grad pic.jpg

Also to customize and beautify your personal events, homes, and celebrations with tailored invitations, flyers, and social media designs.

My obsession with giraffes, started before I can even remember,
my mom told me I chose the giraffe as my favorite animal at the age of 3 or 4.
Although my first memory I have is from 2nd grade. We had our usual annual zoo trip,
but this time we were able to chose a stencil and paint on our shirts in class.
Of course, I chose a giraffe and painted it yellow but the spots I chose were pink.
I chose to create my brand based around things that were sentimental and personal to me, especially since the work I create for my clients are always catered and serviced to them.
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